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  • The Birth of Repères Beauty

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    In January 2009, based on its cosmetic expertise acquired over a period of 20 years Repères created a subsidiary entirely dedicated to the cosmetics / luxury / perfume sectors: Repères Beauty

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    Under the aegis of its CEO, Christian Hardy, this subsidiary has merged the current cosmetic teams of Repères and Déduction inspiring them with the same drive while preserving two distinct commercial departments:
    . the “luxury / selective / health” department headed by Amélie Debaye,
    . the “mass-market” department headed by Bénédicte Lunel.

    The creation of this entity is a strong statement enhancing Repères image with clients in a strategic area for the company.

    It is also the accomplishment of the integration of Déduction within Repères bearing in mind that Danielle Hirsch, the founder of Déduction, continues to manage relations with the company's heritage clients.

    This new entity corresponds perfectly with the values of Repères: Rigour, Honesty, Partnership, and the constant Search for progress.

    The major challenge for Repères Beauty will be to provide its clients with operational answers (while taking into account their budgetary constraints) by offering them methodologies that go beyond the scope of standard studies.

    The development of this subsidiary will therefore be conducted in partnership with all of the other teams within Repères and will call on their expertise (Qualitative, Data Mining and Communities) so as to provide the most relevant research.

    In addition to brands that have been partners for many years, Repères Beauty is also aiming to develop business with new clients seeking to employ new evaluation approaches.

    We wish Repères Beauty much success!

  • A survey from CB News / Repères Second Life : Residents are in favour of brands

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    medium_couverture_CBNews_16_avril_2007.JPG CB News in partnership with Repères presents an opinion poll conducted among 1085 Second Life residents on their perception of Real Life brands in this universe.

    The main thing learnt from the poll was that the presence of RL brands is perceived as positive by a great majority of Second Life residents: 66% believe that the presence of RL brands has a positive impact on SL, whereas 22% believe that RL brands have no impact on SL, and only 11% believe that RL brands have a negative impact on SL. Therefore there is no evidence of any overexposure effect or rejection. On the contrary, the avatars are looking forward to the presence of brands (45% of respondents even want more brands) because they enhance and give more credibility to Second Life:
    - they give realism and substance to SL by establishing a link with Real Life,
    - they make SL more interesting by increasing the number of residents and thus contribute to a greater permanence of this universe.
    On the contrary, the main obstacles have more to do with the fear of spoiling the universe, by being too close to real life or too commercial.

    In this context, being present in SL may represent a real opportunity for a brand since beyond the impact of communicating around events linked to the current buzz around SL, the brands can promote RL products and also benefit from the creativity of the avatars by associating them in their innovation processes. The potential of Second Life in the co-creation process is confirmed in this study. The majority of the residents are ready to take part in this type of operation… in exchange for remuneration and visibility. It should be noted that the motivation to take part will be even stronger if the aim is to innovate for a much-liked brand.

    Upon analysing the results of the study, it is clear to date, that the brands are still far from having succeeded in exploiting all of their SL potential. For instance no RL brand introduced in SL has succeeded in establishing a strong presence in the minds of residents. According to residents, the RL brands that wish to penetrate SL should offer a sim which:
    . associates the philosophy of the universe (namely conviviality, originality and innovation) and the image of the brand
    . maintains a link with RL
    . is visible, easily spotted
    . energises the universe by introducing real added value by offering goods or special offers, by organising events, in a fun manner.

    You will find a report on the study here.

    For further details, please contact Emilie Labidoire, project manager at Repères Second Life.