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Immersive polysensory rooms, a new playground for market research

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At the last Printemps des Etudes, Repères and its immersive polysensory room, The Lab in the Bag, won the Trophées Etudes et Innovations 2017 prize for innovation in data collection. The prizewinning study, “Controlling product evaluation context by using an immersive polysensory room”, was conducted in partnership with AgroParistech. It involved...

... the testing of an alcohol-free beer conducted in two immersive environments (beach and discotheque), compared with a test in sensory booths. The contribution of introducing context to the test was clearly demonstrated and you can read the report on the study here.



protocole immersif AgroParistech.JPG


This new “playground” for marketing and market research can be deployed by working on 3 specific potential aspects of immersive rooms:


Aspect 1) Better observation of reality: to have the subject live/relive the moment as it is usually experienced


Aspect 2) Standardisation: to provide more reliable data


Aspect 3) Modulating reality: Modulating the senses and measuring the impact of such variations, varying dimensions of space and time (a succession of different places and moments, re-enacting 1 day in 5 minutes, creating a stress effect, etc.)  


The following document presents different immersive configurations and some proposals of applications for market studies (mobile uses, points of sale and brainstorming)


Contact us to find out more about these new study protocols!


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