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Repères Invents a polysensory & mobile immersive room

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For several years we have been conducting research on the impact of context on the discovery and appreciation of a stimuli.

This research led to the design of a mobile sensory booth The Lab in the Bag which makes it possible to standardise test conditions anywhere in the world (designed by Franck Saunier, patented by Repères).

This type of environment is highly adapted to an R&D approach but is by nature quite far from the real conditions in which products are consumed. Whenever possible, when conducting consumer tests we prefer to adopt approaches in real-life conditions in which we often deliver the products to the respondents’ homes allowing them to engage in a product experience for a longer period and according to their usual consumption habits.

However, in certain cases, it is difficult to conduct tests in real-life conditions: this is the case when the prototypes are difficult to transport or when consumption outside the home is highly influenced by context. In the case of a product which is usually used on a beach, or in a night club, how is it possible to ensure the results of a real-life test will truly measure the product’s performance and not influenced by the conditions (climate, musical or social environment, etc.)?

To answer these questions and to propose a new tool for conducting real-life tests, The Lab in the Bag team, Franck Saunier, Head of Research & Innovation, and Jérôme Gachet, Head of Production, have created a new design for a polysensory & mobile immersive room. 

This facility makes it possible to provide an experience while controlling the visual, auditory, olfactive and haptic (heat, wind, spray, etc.) conditions..

A demonstration of our first prototype was given at the Printemps des Etudes where a hundred people were able to engage in an immersive experience in a series of beach/night club/café terrace/mountain bike demonstrations (Cf 40-second video below, which obviously does not render the sensory aspects of the experience).


The concept was given an enthusiastic reception, especially for the polysensory aspect which produces the sensation of immersion.

The demonstration also enabled us to detect the points that need to be improved in the prototype and our team is already working on a new version of the immersive room, which will be open for visits on our premises in September.

We will then be able to move on to the next phase involving the actual use of the immersive room for studies and experiments. 

We are open to all proposals of partnerships to test the full scope of potential of this new tool!

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