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  • Best Wishes for 2009 and Repères Prospects

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    On behalf of the entire Repères team, I wish you all the best for 2009 and much success personally and professionally.

    The beginning of the new year is always a time for reflection, even more so this year which has started in an atmosphere highly conducive to anxiety.

    I would therefore like to take this opportunity to step back from this very short-term and hackneyed vision of the crisis to share with you some of the medium-term strategic issues for Repères.

    From my standpoint as the CEO, I believe that in such periods of uncertainty there is all the more need for us to focus on respecting the core identity of the company (the values and mission) AND at the same time to renew and optimise everything that is not a part of this core identity (organisation, process, methods…).

    This belief is largely exposed in the writings of the American academic Jim Collins:
    "The most enduring and successful corporations distinguish their timeless core values and enduring core purpose (which should never change) from their operating practices and business strategies (which should be changing constantly in response to a changing world)" Jim Collins - Built to last

    In the case of Repères our core values are the following:

    Our mission is “to help companies design, develop, optimise and market their offers of products and services”.

    In accomplishing this mission we respect four core values:

    . Rigour, with high-quality services,
    . Honesty and ethics
    . A spirit of partnership with our clients and internally with our different teams,
    . A permanent quest for progress, in individual terms and regarding processes.

    These core values are not destined to change. However, with the aim of making all the rest evolve, we constantly seek to optimise our methods and processes to ensure we are always in synch with the needs and constraints of our clients. This has led us to successfully innovate in certain areas of research (testing products and brand images, qualitative studies...) in which the application of innovative approaches generates enhanced relevance and more value for money.

    This strategy is a response to our objectives for the next 5 years which translate into a vision. Hence the Repères vision for the period 2006-2011 is as follows:

    « In 2011, Repères is the research institute which is:
    . Connected globally,
    . Has renewed and continued to renew the tools of the profession,
    . By being a reference in terms of methodology and innovation »

    This vision is clearly associated with the Repères positioning: the aim is to renew research tools, not as an end in themselves, but in order to provide the most valuable contributions for our partner-clients.

    I propose we meet in 2001 to assess the realization of this vision :-)


  • SEMO 2008 : Repères Wins Two Grand Prix des Etudes Awards

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    Last november, we had the honour of being awarded two trophies at the Grand Prix des Etudes Marketing event organised by Marketing Magazine and SEMO:
    . The bronze trophy in the “Field Research” category for the chocolate cake prefmap conducted for the R&D department of Kraft Biscuits,
    . and the silver trophy in the “International Research” category for the Thalys Emotional Monitoring project.

    We would like to thank our clients (especially Marie-Christine Marcuz and Cédric Liège from Kraft Biscuits as well as Béatrice Pâques from Thalys) for their confidence in our projects.

    We are particularly proud of these two prizes:

    . The Fieldwork prize gives us the opportunity of showcasing the high level of expertise of Repères (by nature less conducive to obtaining media coverage than our recent developments): the development of sophisticated research protocols involving major logistics, especially in the case of product tests. The prize-wining project was part of a preference-mapping approach in which each respondent had to test the entire group of products, in this case 15 varieties of chocolate cake. We used a protocol in the form of sessions, each of the 250 respondents being pre-recruited and returning two Saturdays in a row to finally taste all of the products according to a balanced user experience planning.
    This complex data gathering process allows for a highly enhanced level of analysis: identification of the key preference drivers, modelling of the links between consumer appreciation and sensorial profiles of products, updating of consumer segments having specific organoleptic expectations.

    . The “International” Thalys Emotional Monitoring prize was awarded to us for our work in creating and developing the Emotional Monitoring tool, a real breakthrough in understanding and monitoring imaginary dimensions associated with brands. Initially developed for Moët Hennessy this tool is now used by several major advertisers, especially internationally.

    Without going into the details of the Thalys strategy, we may evoke the contributions provided by such an Emotional Monitoring study conducted simultaneously in several countries:

    - to identify and quantify the emotional background built by the brand among its clients:

    o to understand what customers feel about the brand at an emotional level,
    o to measure the individual differences in this emotional experience to know all the existing perceptions of the brand and how much they weigh respectively,
    o to measure the emotional tie created between the client and the brand thanks to quantitative emotional indicators.

    - To put into perspective the perception of customers with the brand platform and to identify convergences, dissimilarities but also the potential and risk for the platform

    - To have a global international perspective (to identify the federating trans-national identity for all countries) and by country (to identify the national specifics in terms of expectations and sensibilities) in view of a common strategy to be adapted for each country.

    In addition to this prize, Emotional Monitoring was the focus of special attention at SEMO: We had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on this method with Hélène Coric, Head of Strategic Research and Planning at Heineken France, whom we thank warmly. The objective was to relate the case study of Heineken's use over time of Emotional Monitoring as a complement to quantitative image tracking. We were thus able to present the benefits of the Emotional method, especially when used in synergy with more traditional approaches such as image tracking.

    For further information about this method, do not hesitate to contact Catherine Schutz, Partner at Reperes ou Sandrine McClure, head of the qualitative department.