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Emotional Monitoring® Ségolène Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy

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medium_logo_EM_base_def.jpg The Emotional Monitoring® tool was developed by Repères in order to measure the emotional bond between consumers and a brand. What we analyse with this technique is not what the brand seeks to convey from a concrete point of view but rather the real emotions it arouses in the mind of the consumer. These emotions concern the imaginary as well as affective dimensions and condition the possibility of identification. They are more often unconscious, but they truly establish the bond with the brand.
We thought that the mechanism operating between a brand and its consumers could also operate between electors and a candidate, and we sought to test this tool on two political figures: Ségolène Royale and Nicolas Sarkozy (selected because of their strong media presence at the end of 2006, however, we would be glad to pursue our investigations on the other candidates…).
With our partner in the field TOLUNA, we therefore asked the electors to imagine society governed by one of the other of the two candidates.
The analysis allowed us to identify which values, which dynamics and which level of credibility the electors attributed to each of the candidates, and what type of emotional bond was established (experience, trust, adhesion).
In addition, the global and comparative analysis shed light on the French people themselves and on what motivates them today: what they consider indispensable for them, what they are prepared to accept and their conception of life and society.
You will find attached in PDF format a summary of the results of this study: "What kind of society do you imagine when you think of: Ségolène Royal / Nicolas Sarkozy?”

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